Vaultus is a mysterious location that can be accessed via portals opened by solving puzzles in the Stone Circle Ruins and Stone Key Ruins. The time of day at the island and at Vaultus are different, indicated it is very distant from the island chain. The giant planetoid in the sky marks the possibility that Vaultus is actually on a moon of a different planet entirely. Crow is aware of Vaultus and is investigating it, leaving notes on his PDA. One of the notes states that summer on the island is winter in Vaultus.


Vaultus currently has five areas accessable: Outside, Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3, and the Sublevel.


The only options here are to enter the building or go back through the portal.

Floor 1Edit

This room is initially dark until you interact with Crow's PDA. The PDA lists several entries by date, each one giving a bigger hint towards a later puzzle. There are exits behind the player leading back outside, the ladder to Floor 2, and the elevator to the sub level. To call the elevator, Press the E key, wait for the room to change color, then click near the left side of the bottom of the table.

Floor 2Edit

This room is a dead end until the puzzle is solved. There are five glowing objects on the wall, and clicking each one will cause an electrical surge and activate the device. Activating all five will turn on the computer screen. The screen will ask if you want access to the third floor, but there is another menu on the left side to activate computer one, two, or three. It also displays technical data on each computer. After selecting a computer, the player should return to the menu to open the third floor and click yes. This will open a hatch and allow the player to climb further.

Floor 3Edit

Unless the player activated computer 2 on the previous floor, this room will be largely uneventful. There are several computers laying around as well as a bed roll with a lantern Crow uses when he stays overnight. If the computer was activated, it will display rapidly changing images of different parts of the island chain. The computer will show locations not shown on the map view of the islands, but none are accessable save for The Crow's Nest.


There are no currently known exits or interactive objects in this room beyond the elevator. Pressing the E key again will raise the elevator and provide an unobstructed view of the many doorways lining the back wall. Eventually a set of 3 dials will appear. This is the Nimbus. Enter 13 on the outer ring, 27 on the middle ring and 85 on the inner ring. You will be transported to a special location.