Sapphire BayEdit

While Sapphire Bay is currently available, large portions are still closed off due to ongoing construction. Information on this page has been gathered from the Flash version of the game as well asfrom development streams

Sapphire CaveEdit

The Sapphire Cave entrance is located off to the side of the Docks. The cave itself is within a mostly hollow mountain. Inside the cave, there are several small pools of water that are constantly fed by waterfalls. It is unknown how or where the water enters or exits the cave. The area is illuminated by glowing sapphires and bioluminescant plants. A Nariatt structure with two pillars is in the center of the cave, though its purpose is unknown. It is a somewhat popular hangout for both lounging and adult activities

Nariatt Garden RuinsEdit

These ruins have yet to be seen. However, they are on the list of works in progress. It can be assumed that the aesthetics will match the other ruins found in both builds of the game. 

Prism RidgeEdit

Prism Ridge is a narrow belt of land in the central part of the Sapphire Islands. It can be seen as the dividing point between the Northern and Southern halves of the archipelago. 

The Glass RoomEdit

The Glass Room will be very similar to the Flash build. The dome, upstairs, and rooftop pool will all be included upon release. Rooms will be added in some lower areas, however it is unknown if they will be implemented alongside the initial release ot the area.

Nariatt BeachEdit

Nariatt Beach will also match its Flash counterpart with the addition of being able to traverse the beach itself.

Sapphire GardensEdit

The Sapphire Gardens has had no known information released. It does not have a flash counterpart and has not had any development shown.

Tower PointEdit

Tower Point is named after the primary structure of the area.

The TowerEdit

The Tower will have the same amount of floors as the Flash version, though the size of the rooms has been vastly increased. Development of the area has slowed due to complications involving the creation of an elevator system. The outdoor sections of The Lounge will be accessable via two outdoor staircases as well as the elevator.