"  I’m a winged, silver spotted panther, floating around and writing stories, working towards publication.
Mid mtg-tyvara

Around late 2007 a friend introduced me to High Tail Hall while another suggested I try out for the voice of Rio. I sent in an audition sample and the rest is history. I’ve been on board the project ever since.

HTH Studios is now my full time job and I do everything from overseeing the PR, prowling forums, assisting with character design, game testing, and providing voices for Rio, Aleta and many more! I also help run HTH Studios’ Livestream, where I field questions to Crow while he draws and animates.

When I get a bit of time for hobbies I dabble in various crafts and I’m constantly reading. I live with Crowchild and my two birds: Kuarii, the Quaker parakeet, and Soren the Timneh African Grey."

Tyvara is currently in The Library, reading a book while Leilani types on her computer. Tyvara and Leilani have a history of helping eachother write stories, and both of their stories can be accessed from the shelves in the same room. Tyvara is also high school friends with Mar.