The following is a list of events mentioned in High Tail Hall. As this page is a work in progress, more information will be added as newer versions of High Tail Hall are released and if new information not mentioned in the game is revealed by HTH Studios. The birthdates of characters will also be placed here.

Please note that all years listed in this timeline are currently approximates based on the Unity Alpha build's year of release (2018) and are subject to change.

800s Edit

  • The Nariatt tribe begins their practice of harvesting crystals on the New Cyana Archipelago.

1910s Edit

  • A device for viewing the night sky on New Cyana is constructed by the Nariatt tribe.

1920s Edit

  • The Library and Villa are constructed on New Cyana.

1950s Edit

  • A surgical procedure to remove the Baculum in some species is performed for the first time. 

1980s Edit

  • Marcus is born 

1982 Edit

  • An earthquake of unspecified magnitude occurs in the New Cyana Archipelago, killing hundreds of Nariatt and permanently destroying a large number of historical artifacts and structures.

1985 Edit

  • Jeanette is born 
  • Anne is born


  • Bella Ferrari is born

1991 Edit

  • ZigZag is born

1994 Edit

  • Rio Davis is born


  • Ava Miller is born 
  • Mia is born 
  • Rio and Bella meet each other for the first time and become best friends

Sometime Between 2011 and 2012  Edit

  • Crowchild discovers the New Cyana Archipelago.
  • HTH Studios is established on New Cyana. Most of the cast members arrive shortly afterwards.

2012 Edit

  • HTH Studios begins assisting the Nariatt Tribal Council in their restoration of historical sites on the Cyana Archipelago.

Sometime Between 2013 and 2014 Edit

  • ZigZag and Leilani arrive at New Cyana and begin working with HTH Studios.

2014 Edit

  • The tribal elders of the Nariatt publicly dismiss the allegations of collusion with major pharmaceutical companies to prevent the exportation of the Drambus orchid.

2017 Edit

  • A large number of new aquatic species, mainly consisting of fish, coral, cuttlefish, seahorses, and jellyfish, are discovered in the ocean surrounding the New Cyana Archipelago.