The Walk is a large outdoor area containing several buildings located on the southern portion of the Sapphire Islands. There are currently no active characters in this zone, though it is planned to be one of the more populated zones in the future.

The Walk


Cafe PressEdit

The cafe press store acts as a link to the online store where a player may purchase HTH themed merchandice.

The Velvet ClawEdit

The Velvet Claw is a female exclusive bar owned by Gina.

The ElementEdit

The Element contains four bars within it; Fire, Water/Ice, Earth, and Air. Crow has mentioned the possibility of adding a secondary Element building on a different island that will contain the eastern elements of wood and metal.


Portrait Name Location Active
Mid mtg-blush
Blush Fire Bartender
Mid goldie-01
Goldie Fire Inactive
Mid mtg-ruby
Ruby Fire Inactive
Vixxxen antler
Vixxxen Ice Inactive