The Tower is one of the largest areas in the game, found towards the center of the Sapphire Islands. The tower contains 9 individual floors in addition to a ground floor lobby. The tower was one of the first areas available in the HTH beta.
Tower 2013


The Lobby is on the ground floor of the tower, containing a lobby area, a receptionist desk, an elevator, and a hallway. Jade can be seen lounging in the middle of the lobby. In the hallway there is a TV which can be set to show several scenes involving Tanya, Dimitri, Shemyay, Carlos, Julia, Marco, and Jeanette.

Floor 1Edit

The Lounge is relaxation area that is being developed. Currently, Michelle and the twins Lucky and Star can be found there.

Floor 2Edit

The House of Eve is a strip bar owned by the dragoness Eve. It was the first location to have sound again after the loss of HTH2, having several small loops for background music, however this has been temporarily disabled as of the January 2016 update. The Club has four stripper poles, the front two usually occupied by Sasha and Candy, with Rebecca and Denise on standby. Rebecca and Omar can usually be seen together on a couch in the back.

Floor 3Edit

The Studio Office is currently empty. Crow has mentioned the possibility of repurposing this floor.

Floor 4Edit

Neon Lights is a gay exclusive bar. There is a single stripper pole that currently has Kieth on it. Bruce is seen behind the bar with Ari either enjoying a drink or having sex with Trent. Marcus has made a recent appearance there as well.

Floor 5Edit

This floor is currently inaccessable. Crow has stated he plans on repurposing this room into an arcade with interactive mini games.

Floor 6Edit

The Sky Garden Lounge is a relatively new area that is meant to be an indoor nature relaxation room. Jezzel can be found here while waiting for The Villa to finish renovating.

Floor 7Edit

The tower spa has two baths, a table, and several bamboo plants. Gianna can usually be found relaxing in the baths. Many of the girls from the Villa Pool have relocated to the spa while the area is being renovated.

Floor 8Edit

The Iron Horse Gym contains several excersize and vending machines. This is Jasmine's favorite place to hang out, spending most of her time there. Kendra can be found in the back preparing to work out.

Floor 9Edit

The Showers are split into a male section on the left and female on the right. There is no strict policy on following this rule though, and most residents of the island don't mind the occasional guest. There are lockers in the back that Crow has stated may eventually be a part of a puzzle. You can currently find Zoe and Vanessa showering here.


Portrait Name Location Active
Jade Lobby Active
Lucky 2013
Lucky Floor 1 Active
Mid mtg-michelle
Michelle Floor 1 Active
Lucky Temp
Star Floor 1 Active
Candy Floor 2 Active
Denise 2014
Denise Floor 2 Active
Rebecca 2014
Rebecca Floor 2 Active
Sasha 2014
Sasha Floor 2 Active
Ari 2014
Ari Floor 4 Active
Bruce Floor 4 Bartender
Keith Floor 4 Inactive
Marcus Floor 4


Trent Floor 4 Inactive
Mid jezzel-01
Jezzel Floor 6 Active
Gianna 2014
Gianna Floor 7 Active
Mid goldie-01
Goldie Floor 7 Inactive
Melody Floor 7 Active
Mid mtg-tanya
Tanya Floor 7 Inactive
Zoe Pool
Zoe Floor 7 Inactive
Mid jasmine-01
Jasmine Floor 8 Active
Kendra 2014
Kendra Floor 8 Active
Mid mtg-vanessa
Vanessa Floor 9 Inactive
Zoe Pool
Zoe Floor 9 Inactive