Aurora 2014

Aurora is a member of the Nariatt

The Nariatt are one of two tribes and species native to the New Cyana Islands. They are a race of poison dart frogs, although their colors range widely. They have adapted easily and quickly to the cultural norms brought by HTH Studios due to their shared interest in sexual activities and Cannabis. The poison excreted by the Nariatt does not affect others unless ingested, makign physical contact entirely safe. When ingested, the poison causes temporary but vivid hallucinations and a large increase in sex drive. 


The Nariatt are usually very tall and have feet with very long toes. Their skin is soft and rubbery and is usually seen with vibrant colors and contrasting spots. As they are not mammals, Nariatt have no hair. Their eyes can be as varied as their skin with both sclera and iris showing the same range of color. 


Not much is known about the Nariatt before HTH Studios began production on the islands. Their written language is a direct translation to english, although using different symbols. The Nariatt still mantain control over small areas of the island, but are on good terms with the studio. Some members of the tribe have opened small businesses to profit from the frequent visitors on the islands, such as cafes, brothels, and clothing. Several members of the tribe are employed by HTH Studios as guides due to their experience and knowledge of the area. Their traditional food is quite unusual to most Western tastes, such as


This is by no means a complete list of the Nariatt. These are only ones that appear in the game currently.

Photo Name Location Status
Aurora 2014
Aurora Nariatt Beach Guide
Caeser 2014
Caeser Nariatt Beach Bartender
Denise 2014

Main Hall

House of Eve

Mid mtg-merille

Stone Circle Ruins

The Walk

Mid mtg-patty
Patty The Visitor's Center Guide
Sierra 2014
Sierra Nariatt Beach Inactive
Vira 2017
Vira Nariatt Beach Active