The Glass Room 2
The Glass Room is a building with many glass panels for walls. The building first appeared in HTH2 as the main area. It is one of the most popular areas to meet new people. Due to a current error, some of the girls are still dressed in their halloween costume.



This area has some vegetation, as well as a few of the girls standing around. Because of the many glass windows, you can see into the lobby and second floor.


These connect the upstairs, outside, and dome areas. In previous builds of the game, the hallways led to private rooms, but it is unconfirmed if these will return.


This is the most heavily populated area, due to the bar. It is possible that this is the main room from HTH2.


This is a small room that acts as a transition to the roof. There are still couches in this area and there are characters to interact with here.


The roof is an open sky area with a TV screen and a hot tub. This is the location of Shelly's original scene in HTH2 marking her first appearance, which will be returning eventually.


Portrait Name Location Active
Mid mtg-anahi
Anahi Upstairs Active
Ava 2015
Ava Lobby Active
Mid bella-01
Bella Dome Active
Charity 2015
Charity Lobby Active
Francesca 2014
Francesca Outside Active
Ginger 2014
Ginger Dome Active
Mid mtg-jaymee
Jaymee Upstairs Active
Kira Dome Active
Kristy Outside Active
Mid mtg-mercedes
Mercedes Dome Active
Natasha 2015
Natasha Outside Inactive
Raquel Dome Active
Shelly clothed
Shelly Dome/Roof Active
Mid mtg-valeryia
Valeriya Lobby Active