Rose's Book is a puzzle Item that can be found in the upper floor of The Library. It appears to be a kind of journal for notes that Rose wrote either to remember important information or to lure inquisitive guests to her home in Denver .


The book is bound in dark leather with an emblem of a red and yellow rose on the front. The first page depicts a portal labelled The Onyx Gate Tower, the second page shows a depiction of this tower with the dates September 6th and October 31st, and the last page shows a portal from which the player can obtain The Rose Bead.


While Rose's Book can be opened at any time, the player will be unable to understand it without at least 75% comprehension of the The Nariatt Language. Once opened, it will automatically translate the language for the player. By turning to the last page, a bead will appear from the depiction of a portal and be added to the player's inventory.


This book is the last step before being able to access The Onyx Gate Tower. This item cannot be held in the player inventory. By holding the bead from this book in their inventory, the player needs only to travel to The Tower during the time period noted on the first page to open a portal.