Rose is a lioness who originally appeared in a Halloween special separate from the main HTH game. She is very wealthy and it is uncertain if she is a vampire, or just uses her money to alter her appearance. It is confirmed that she has a spellbook that can be found in The Library at certain times of the year. She sometimes summons portals that lead to her residence in Denver



  • Blowjob
  • Reverse Cowgirl (1st  person)
  • Reverse Cowgirl (3rd person)
  • Anal (3rd person)
  • Blowjob (+Kendra)
  • Footjob

Known IssuesEdit

  • In the 3rd person cowgirl scene, her hair is constantly swapping between 2 styles.
  • Her Anal scene defaults to The Lobby background despite her saying she wants to go somewhere private.
  • The background of her anal scene is always the tower lobby.