Nariatt Beach is home to one of the native Poison Dart Frog tribes on the island. The zone shows quite a few characters as well as several examples of the Nariatt Language. A pamphlet deciphering the language can be found here.
Nariatt 2014



This is the starting area upon entering the zone. Michelle can be seen here with Aurora behind her. The Saphire Shore Cafe can be seen on the right.

Saphire Shore CafeEdit

The cafe is owned and run by Caeser. The menu is in Nariatt, though it can be translated. The food offered is native cuisine, though it may turn away visitors who are not prepared for exotic foods.


Aurora stands as a guide in this area, ready to give assistance if you ask. She is standing in front of the beach's Visitor's Center on the right. Continuing down the path will take you to the local brothel while heading to the left will take you to the showers.

Visitor's CenterEdit

Outside the center is a postboard with a map of the islands, an advertisement for the brothel, and a pamphlet saying to take a copy from inside. Reggie can be found inside reading a pamphlet with additional pamphlets that the player can take next to him. Heading through the side door will take you to the alley between the center and the brothel.


The brothel, while currently unavailable, does have several girls loitering around it. Vira and Sierra can be seen leaning on the walls and Denise is standing off to the side. If you have the game translate the Nariatt language or do it yourself with the pamphlet, it reveals that the name of the brothel is Pussy Palace. The advertisement on the board in front of the Visitor's Center claims that it has private rooms, a beachside view and the hottest Nariatt females.


The showers lead from the main path to the beach, though neither have been implemented into the game as of yet.


Portrait Name Location Active
Aurora 2014
Aurora Visitor's Center Guide
Caeser 2014
Caeser Cafe Inactive
Denise 2014
Denise Brothel Inactive
Mid mtg-michelle
Michelle Front Active
Reggie Visitor's Center Inactive
Sierra 2014
Sierra Brothel Inactive
Vira 2014
Vira Brothel Inactive