Launch Pad
Naranvad is one of the mysterious locations accessable by solving a specific combination in the Stone Circle Ruins. It is part of a larger series of puzzles that has yet to be solved by any player. While the solution to the puzzle element in Naranvad does exist, it is unkown where or how to solve the puzzle. There are no characters in the area.


Control RoomEdit

The control room is the first thing the player will see upon entering Naranvad. This rooms contains a holographic screen setup similar to the kind found in the top floor of Vaultus, though it is unkown how to turn it on. The blue Bead sometimes appears here.


The platform is an outdoor area connecting the Control Room and the Launch Pad. The only known function in this area is raise or lower a giant section of the structure. This resets if you move to one of the other areas.

Launch PadEdit

The launch pad is a wide area with no surrounding structures or distinctive features, only a path back to the platform. Given the name, it is likely this area is used for launching airborne objects out of the volcano.