Hight Tail Hall (AKA The Main Hall) is located on a mountain at the North-West end of the main island in the Free Zone. The Hall is the capital of the Sapphire Islands.
Main Hall 2013

The main hall is a replica of the hall found in HTH Classic



The main social area of the hall.


A small area through the back of the hall that leads to the upper and lower floors.


The terrarium is a small glass box filled with various plants against the right wall of the lobby. While it has its own screen dedicated to it, it currently has no known interactions.

The House of MaxEdit

The House of Max is a strip bar owned by Max that can be found down stairs from the Balcony. The area is currently locked.

Private RoomsEdit

the private rooms can be accessed by taking the stairs up on either side of the Balcony. The doors are currently locked except for room 2.


Portrait Name Area Status
Mid mtg-aleta
Aleta Lobby Active
Anne 2013
Anne Private Rooms Active
Mid cindy-01
Cindy Balcony Active
Denise 2014
Denise Lobby Active
Erin 2016
Erin Lobby Active
Jeanette Balcony Active
Kendra 2014
Kendra Lobby Inactive
Max Lobby Bartender
Mia 2016
Mia Lobby Inactive
Mid mtg-michelle
Michelle Lobby Active
Rio Lobby Active
Mid mtg-shemyay
Shemyay Lobby Active
Mid mtg-tanya
Tanya Lobby Inactive
Vixxxen antler
Vixxxen Lobby Active
ZigZag temp
ZigZag Lobby Active
Zoe Pool
Zoe Lobby Inactive