This is a list of known issues in the game. This page is meant to list all of the visual and functional errors that need to be addressed. Please consult this list or the character's bug list section of their page before reporting an issue.

General (misc.)Edit

  • The green bead in Stone Circle Ruins does not trigger an autosave.
  • The edit button does not work. You must hit the load button, then edit to change species or gender.



  • The speed controls are placed too high in her Titfuck and Anal scenes, causing them to run behind the header.
  • When not using the knot feature, the climax does not display properly, only showing in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Her right elbow in the standing scene does not look correct due to the forearm not moving.
  • Post climax for the standing scene needs breathing/motion. Aleta's expressions cycle.
  • Her breasts have no motion in the standing scene.
  • Her character menu has no background in the Visitor’s Center.
  • Vaginal Standing, her right arm elbow joint does not look right mostly because her forearm has no motion.
  • Vaginal Standing, her facial expressions cycle after climax.
  • Vaginal Standing, the player cock models clip a bit.
  • Vaginal Standing, her and the player model show no form of breathing.
  • Vaginal Standing, her tits really don’t show motion compared to how other scenes have had it in game.
  • The climax does not trigger properly in her anal scene.


  • Parts of her eyes to not move with the rest of her head when she tilts it.
  • Her chest and shoulders twitch when she breathes.
  • The background of her Missionary scene in the Greenhouse switches to Shade Beach.
  • Her Missionary scene has some clipping with the player cock.
  • Her Doggystyle scene climax triggers the end-scene controls only for a moment.


  • Her Handjob scene does not change according to the time of day.


  • Her animation will break if you change speed during the transition animation of her BJ scene.


  • Missionary scene UI is hard to see due to the white tile background.
  • Anne and the player seem to be out of sync at speed 3 in the missionary scene.
  • Oral scene does not have a proper ending sequence.
  • She is wearing her Gold room outfit in the Main Hall dialogue menu.
  • Blowjob/Titjob scene has a flashing incorrect background in the Main Hall.
  • Her area sprite and character menu sprite tend to dress differently.
  • Her Oral and Missionary scenes redirect from the Gold Room to the main hall.


  • The tip of her tail should not be able to be seen through the hair.


  • The UI in her BJ scene interferes with the header.
  • Her Piledriver scene has some clipping with the sides of the player cock, particularly on knotted species.
  • During the Piledriver scene, her right knee has some clipping and moves oddly.


  • Doggystyle scene has clipping on her right elbow.
  • Doggystyle controls are too high and hidden behind the header.
  • Visual error on her eyes when she looks down.
  • In the Doggystyle scene, speed 2 cannot be selected while on speed 1. However, speed 1 can still be selected while on speed 1.


  • Her knees clip apart a little as the animations progress.
  • The outlines on her upper arms turn grey when above her head.


  • Oral scene does not have a complete ending.


  • In the Tower, her Blowjob scene has a delayed loading screen.
  • Her Missionary scene climax has cum leaking out of her despite the player wearing a condom


  • Knotted player models have some clipping issues during her Missionary scene.
  • A small shadow appears for a moment on her upper chest after you move both her breasts up.
  • The climax animation during her Missionary scene does not trigger properly at speeds 3 and 4.
  • The camera controls in her Missionary scene do not work.
  • Her area sprite is an older version than the character menu sprite.


  • Her vagina in her Missionary scene has some clipping issues.
  • Her breasts during her Missionary scene bounce too differently.
  • Her BJ scene has clipping around her torso.
  • When erect during her BJ scene, her penis is slightly disconnected.


  • Knotting in her Missionary scene triggers an animation, however he player does not actually knot her.
  • The player is capable of pulling out while knotted in the Missionary climax
  • The background for the Missionary scene is the same in both the Tower and Sun Temple Ruins
  • The back button does not work for her character menu in The Tower
  • In her 69 scene, there is some slight clipping on her elbow.


  • Her hair is different between her scenes and character menu.
  • Her cowgirl scene only uses the default penis.
  • At Speed 2 of her cowgirl scene, her breasts do not have a complete falling animation.
  • The player has some clipping around his hips in the 3rd person Doggystyle scene.
  • 3rd person Doggystyle scene has no blushing/breathing after climax.
  • There is some clipping with her chest fluff at speeds 3 and 4 of her Doggystyle scene.
  • Her tail animation causes lag during her 3rd person Doggystyle scene.


  • Her background sprite has glasses, but her character menu sprite does not.
  • All of her scene have the ambient noises from outside playing.
  • The UI of her tittyfuck and sideways scenes interferes with the header.
  • Her cowgirl scene at the Stone Circle Ruins has an odd camera rotation


  • Climax on her BJ scene does not show cum landing on her.
  • Post-climax on her Cunnilingus scene has a clipping issue with her hair and her left shoulder.
  • Her dialogue offers to suck the player's cock, even if female.
  • In her standing BJ scene, the player's cock does not have a head and can be seen during speed 2.
  • Post climax of her standing BJ scene, there is some cum floating in front of her.


  • Her tail detaches slightly.
  • One bunch of hair in the middle of her back moves oddly at speeds 2 and 3.
  • The Done button runs into the header.


  • Her tail during her Doggystyle scene has some clipping issues.
  • She has no background on her character menu in the Tower


  • During her Sideways scene, she needs detail on her tongue when facing the screen.
  • There is an error on the looping animation of her right arm during the post climax sideways scene.
  • During the Sideways scene climax, the player cock clips through her vagina during one of the thrusts.
  • During the Sideways scene knotted climax, her breasts get locked in an upward position.
  • Her Sideways scene appears to be available to free users, but leads to void space.


  • There are clipping issues in her BJ scene with her cheeks and breasts. Noticeable at speeds 2, 3, 7, and 8.
  • The background at Nova Beach seems to shift during speed 1 of her BJ scene.
  • At upper speeds of her BJ scene, the lower speeds are grayed out but can still be clicked, resulting in the incorrect animation being played.
  • After the climax in her BJ scene, her breathing causes her mouth layer to clip over the lines coming from her eyes.
  • Her BJ scene in the Glass Room transports you to Nova Beach and the back and done buttons do not work.


  • Missionary scene does not have a loading bar.
  • Her sprite does not appear in her character menu at the Northern Falls


  • His dialogue in The Tower indicates he is on Shade Beach.
  • His scene has no loading screen from The Tower
  • The scene takes place at Shade Beach when triggered in The Tower


  • Her Doggystyle scene only allows the default player model
  • The camera controls are reversed in her Doggystyle scene.
  • Switching speeds during her deepthroat animation causes her to only do the end half of the animation
  • When hovering over her Legs Up and Blowjob options at the Tower, her dialogue indicates she is at the Stone Circle Ruins.


  • Beads start already in use
  • Outside audio plays during the scene (Glass Room only)
  • Background is always Stone Circle Ruins


  • Her character menu has no background in the Stone Circle Ruins


  • In her Missionary scene, you can reset the knot by switching to auto speed and back.
  • In her Missionary scene, the zoom indicator does not work.
  • In her Missionary scene, there are some minor clipping issues on the sides of the cocks.
  • Her Titfuck scene has her in her gold outfit even on the free island.
  • The UI of her Titfuck scene runs into the header.


  • Her Anal scene does not show any actual penetration.
  • The UI of her Anal scene runs under the Header


  • There is a clipping issue with cock models during climax. (Missionary)
  • Her facial expressions cycle. (Missionary)
  • Her eyes are green in the scene but blue in her character menu. (Missionary)
  • The player model does not breathe (MIssionary)
  • There is some clipping with the player model when he is fully thrust forward (Threesome)
  • The climax button can be repeatedly clicked to reset the animation (Threesome)


  • In the 3rd person Cowgirl scene, her hair is constantly swapping between 2 styles.
  • Her Anal scene defaults to The Lobby background despite her saying she wants to go somewhere private.
  • The background of her Anal scene is always the tower lobby.


  • Switching speeds during her transition animations causes her tongue to glitch out.
  • Her wrist partially detaches during her Rimjob scene.
  • The player model and cock are placeholders from testing.
  • Her hand clips into the player during the Rimjob scene.
  • Her fingers detach when they move during Rimjob.
  • Her sprite does not load in her character menu.
  • Her head and neck detach during both scenes.
  • The scene does not have a loading screen.


  • During speed 2 and the climax of her Cowgirl scene, you can see where the cock model ends.
  • Her tits lock position when the climax is triggered.
  • The background of her character menu has a slanted background but level couch.
  • The player has incorrect lighting on his back during the Doggystyle scene.


  • Her knees need refining during her scene.
  • The speed buttons are spammable.


  • Her Tittyfuck/Blowjob scene has an unused and hard to see Camera Control button.
  • In her 3rd person Doggystyle scene, her left arm jitters.
  • Her pre-cum in her 3rd person Doggystyle scene on her leg floats above her leg and moves separately.
  • During her Anal scene, the player dick moves out of sync with his body.
  • The movement of the player and Tanya get out of sync outside of speed 1 in the anal Doggystyle scene


  • Her Titfuck scene has a small visual anomaly just above the player's left knee.
  • Her Titfuck and Handjob scenes need idle animations after climax.


  • During the Missionary scene, her left leg is not flush with the fur around it, most noticeably at speed 2.
  • All scenes in the Main Hall have the Christmas background.
  • There is some minor clipping with the canine model knot during the Missionary scene.
  • The blushing effect on her crotch area appears fully for a few moments when the anal scene starts.
  • Her facial expressions cycle.


  • Her Blowjob scene does not have a transition to the facial animation.



The Glass Room

  • There is a hitbox for Francesca where there should be none when trying to go from outside into the lobby.

The Main Hall

  • The poster in the office does not lead to the poster in cafe press.

Stone Key Ruins

  • One of the clickable stars is hidden behind the header.

The Tower

  • The loading screen for The Tower shows a progress meter, but the numerical indicator is missing the % symbol.
  • On Floor 2, Zoe is missing. (Free only)
  • Floor 2 music is no longer working
  • Pressing the Back button on floor 5 doesn't take you to the elevator, but reverts the room to an older version, also causing Francesca to disappear.

The Walk

  • The loading screen for Fire only appears after it is about 30% loaded.