Kira is a female river otter with a brown coat, blonde hair, and dark brown eyes. Kira is voiced by Amaracol Canis.



  • Oral (Blowjob + Titjob, Free)
  • Doggystyle (Free)

Known IssuesEdit

  • There are clipping issues in her BJ scene with her cheeks and breasts. Noticeable at speeds 2, 3, 7, and 8.
  • The background at Nova Beach seems to shift during speed 1 of her BJ scene.
  • At upper speeds of her BJ scene, the lower speeds are grayed out but can still be clicked, resulting in the incorrect animation being played.
  • After climax in her bj scene, her breathing causes her mouth layer to clip over the lines coming from her eyes.
  • Her BJ scene in the Glass Room transports you to Nova Beach and the back and done buttons do not work.