Jasmine is a Sumatran tigress who is very fitness focused. She can be found in the Iron Horse gym on floor 8 of the tower.



  • Cowgirl
  • Seated
  • Doggystyle

Known IssuesEdit

  • Her hair is different between her scenes and character menu.
  • Her cowgirl scene only uses the default penis.
  • At Speed 2 of her cowgirl scene, her breasts do not have a complete falling animation.
  • The player has some clipping around his hips in the 3rd person doggystyle scene.
  • Her 3rd person doggystyle scene has no blushing/breathing after climax.
  • There is some clipping with her chest fluff at speeds 3 and 4 of her doggystyle scene.
  • Her tail animation causes lag during her 3rd person doggystyle scene.