Items are various objects the player can pick up or interact with that are scattered around the island. Eventually, the player will be able to buy stat changing items such as drinks or certain foods. Most items currently in game are directly related to puzzles.

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This article contains details about puzzle related items and their uses. If you wish to solve puzzles without any help, please do not continue reading past this point.


Beads, also known as Orbs, are small spherical objects each with a unique coloring. They all share a design carved into their surface. They can usually be found outdoors on the ground, however some are in a character's possession. The beads are made from an unknown material. Some suggest it is made from polished wood, others suggest gold, and some even think they are made of a mysterious new element or compound. It is unknown how they glow or why they each have their own individual coloring. It is possible there are multiple beads of the same color with the same function.

Green Bead

The Green BeadEdit

The Green Bead can be found at the Stone Circle Ruins . When held in the player's inventory, it causes the upper right arrow on the Stone Circle to glow. This points out a spot the player can activate to access the second stage on the circle that allows the player to activate the portal to Aztier

The Purple BeadEdit

This bead is found on the ground in front of The Library. When held, it activates a purple glowing rune on the ring in the second stage of the Stone Circle Ruins. Currently, while it can be used to go through stage 2 of the circle, it does not actually open a portal.

The Rose BeadEdit

Not to be confused with the Red Bead, this bead is found in The Library while looking through Rose's Book after learning The Nariatt Language.
Crimson Orb
By turning to the last page in the book, a drawing of a portal will start to shimmer and the bead will emerge from the page. This bead is used to open a portal above The Onyx Gate Tower that leads to Rose's private home in Denver. This can only be done between September 6th and October 31st. It is unknown if Rose created this bead herself or if she found it and sealed it inside her book.

The Blue BeadEdit

This bead is not found on the New Cyana Islands at all. Rather, it is in Naranvad on the floor of the first room the player enters. Holding it causes the lower left arrow on the first stage of The Stone Circle Ruins to glow.

The Red BeadEdit

This bead is located in Rose's private home in Denver. By using the portal at The Onyx Gate Tower during the Halloween event, the player can be teleported to Denver. The bead can be found in a chest in the room on the left. The purpose of this bead is currently unknown.


These items inform the player about the island. While some of these are to provide hints to the player on how to complete puzzles, they also provide details to help make the island feel more like a real setting. Some items are tracked to trigger events based on the player's knowledge.

Crow's Work TabletEdit

This tablet can be found in The Crow's Nest after learning 50% of The Nariatt Language. It displays his notes on the symbols representing numbers in the language. While it cannot be placed in the player's inventory, it does increase his understanding of the language to 75%. It does note that Rose specifically asked for his help on finding this information.

Crow's Exploration TabletEdit

This device is found in Vaultus and details the progress Crow made in discovering and renovating the station. It provides hints on how to reactiviate the computers in Vaultus.

Rose's BookEdit


Rose's emblem appears on the front of the book

This book can be found on the bottom of a bookshelf in the left of The Library. While the player can pick it up at any time, they will not be able to understand it until they have a 75% comprehension of the Nariatt Language. If the player does have a high enough fluency with the language, the text will automatically translate. The book mostly contains drawings with a few labels. These drawings depict a circular pattern labelled The Onyx Gate Tower, a depiction of this tower with the dates September 6th and October 31, and a portal with a bead in the center. Being able to translate these pages automatically causes the Rose Bead to appear. It is unclear why Rose leaves this book in the public library.

A Beginner's Guide to the Nariatt LanguageEdit

The pamphlet is located on a rack within the visitor's center in Nariatt Beach (Not to be confused with the primary Visitor's Center). It provides a direct translation letter for letter of the The Nariatt Language, granting the player a 25% comprehension of the language. Holding this pamphlet grants the player the ability to click on certain pieces of the language found on the island to automatically translate the text. Doing this increases the player's language comprehension even further. As the player becomes more fluent with the language, some letters will begin to glow, however there is no known use for this. The pamphlet also contains some useful phrases as well as an advertisement for the local brothel. The pamphlet was written by The New Cyana Archaeological Society .

Other ItemsEdit

These items do not fit into any other category as of yet. These items are not necessarily related to other items within this list.

The Pyramid KeyEdit

This item appears in one of the private rooms in The Gold Room. Due to a current bug, it is automatically added to the player inventory as they investigate the private rooms. Holding the key was once thought to be necessary to make the stone circle appear, however it currently has no known use.

Spartan CondomsEdit

These are located in the private room on the far left of The Gold Room. While Jeanette is the only character who requires the player to wear a condom, she always brings her own and does not force the player to use one from his inventory. This makes these condoms have no use in the current build of the game. The name is a parody of the real life Trojan brand condoms.