Sapphire Islands 2015
The Sapphire Islands

The Sapphire Islands are the largest part of the New Cyana Islands. They are named after the sapphire crystals that are common in some areas of the islands, though none appear in the game at this time.

Emerald Glades 2015
The Emerald Glades

The Emerald Glades are a gold exclusive chain of islands in the New Cyana Islands. They are located to the south of the Sapphire Islands. They most likely got their name due to the large emeralds growing in the Emerald Hot Springs.

There are some places around the New Cyana Islands that lead elsewhere. We're not quite certain where these places are exactly, but from what we can tell by the stars and weather patterns, they can be very distant.

Other LocationsEdit

While not a part of the New Cyana Islands, it is possible to visit these areas through one way or another.