Anne is a Belgian Draft Horse who hails from Toronto. She was the first girl to receive the Oral option, as well as the first girl to feature Dress to Thrill integrated into the flash version of New Cyana



  • Missionary
  • Oral
  • Doggy Style (Third person)
  • Blowjob/Titfuck
  • Reverse Cowgirl

Known IssuesEdit

  • Her Missionary scene UI in the Main Hall is hard to see due to the white tile background.
  • Anne and the player seem to be out of sync at speed 3 in the Missionary scene.
  • Her Oral scene does not have a proper ending sequence.
  • She is wearing her Gold room outfit in the Main Hall character menu (Gold only)
  • Her Blowjob/Titjob scene has a flashing incorrect background in the Main Hall. (Gold only)
  • Her area sprite and character menu sprite tend to dress differently.
  • Her Oral and Missionary scenes redirect from the Gold Room to the main hall. (Gold only)