"I am a flirtatious arctic fox with lilac eyes, ear and tail tips. My introduction to the fandom was in 2004, when Tyvara, a good friend of mine from high school, told me she was voice acting for a flash based furry game. Shortly after joining the fandom Tyvara encouraged me to audition for one of the HTH girls. In the beginning I didn’t know who I was going to be voicing, then Crowchild introduced me to Bella the polar bear and Kira the otter.

Not only a voice actress for HTH Studios, I am also a moderator for the HTH Livestream and front page chat. I love chatting with HTH fans and making new friends – true to my fox nature, I’m the naughty tease of the group. You can often see me hanging out in the HTH chat and helping out any way I can. I’m also an aspiring erotic short story author."-hthstudios/index.php/about



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